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​SPLASh is accepting art submissions to educate the public on proper disposal and prevention of trash pollution along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Texas has a trash problem and needs your help! Trash and plastic pollution littered on the shoreline can negatively impact wildlife, especially coastal birds. Birds that live, nest, and hunt on the beach can get entangled in trash items like fishing line, plastic bags, and more. They also may mistake plastics for food and consume trash items that affect their health.

beach sign example.jpg

Help SPLASh clean Texas beaches and protect coastal birds through art! Create a beach sign that encourages beachgoers to take better care of our beaches in Texas.

Follow the steps below to create and submit your art!

Deadline to submit is April 16, 2023.

Must be 4-18 years old to participate.


SPLASh Beach Sign (3).png
SPLASh Beach Sign (1).png
SPLASh Beach Sign (5).png

STEP 1. Choose a Template

Print or download from the following template options.

Beach Sign Templates (pdf)

Beach Sign Templates (png)

STEP 2. Design your Sign


In the white space, design an attractive art piece that encourages beachgoers to take better care of their trash to protect Texas shorelines for birds and humans.

  • Incorporate important coastal birds in your artwork! Use the examples here.

  • You may create your design by hand or digitally using a design software of your choosing.

STEP 3. Submit your Beach Sign

Printed version: Scan and save your beach sign as a pdf, jpg or png file. Follow the prompts in the submission form.

Digital version: Save your beach sign as a pdf, jpg or png file. Follow the prompts in the submission form.

Mail-in Option: Address your beach sign to

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

Attn: SPLASh

289 Hwy 332 West

Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Deadline to submit is April 16, 2023.

You will be notified if your beach sign is chosen to be posted along the Texas Coast to encourage better marine debris management!

Share your work on Instagram & Facebook!


Celebrate your artwork! Post a photo of you with your beach sign & answer the following question:

Why do want to help protect Texas' coastal birds & shores?

Tag SPLASh to be featured on our page!



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Interested in bringing this challenge to your classroom?​

SPLASh offers TEKS-aligned, grade level differentiated classroom lessons to educate students about marine debris. At the end of the lesson students will be challenged to use their knowledge to create a beach sign following guidelines and steps listed above.

We will come to your classroom! Contact us today!

Other Ways to Engage Your Students

  • SPLASh Marine Debris Educator's Guide

    • The TEKS-aligned guide is a teacher led curriculum that provides students with a holistic understanding of marine debris and plastic pollution in the Houston-Galveston region.​

  • SPLASh's Tool Kit

    • Our tool kit provides all materials needed to lead the lessons from our Educator's Guide. The tool kit is rented free for a 2-week period to Region 4 Educators.​

  • Marine Debris Educational Programming​​

    • Check out our staff-led, TEKS-aligned lessons! Staff will come to your classroom to lead marine debris lessons and engage students with community science activities.​

    • Interested in a bayou or coastal cleanup? Contact us today!

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